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Windy Pink

Who is Windy?

Windy is a ShareX focused media uploader, with a variety of features! We offer cute custom subdomains to host your images on, or you can even bring over your own! If ShareX is incompatible with your device, you can always access our easy to use web uploader!

Why Windy?

Alot of time and effort has been put into the writing and maintaining of Windy Pink . The developers of Windy have used likewise services for a very long time, but we've found out what went wrong and how to prevent some of the variety of upload issues that other hosts may have.

Upload Anywhere

Windy has multiple uploading locations in India, Singapore, Germany, London, Norh America, and more to come! Are your uploads not fast enough? Change to a region near you to get the best service!

Fast, and Powerful

Tired of getting high ping and slow upload speeds when uploading images? Our dedicated servers have 5gb internet speeds and are blazing fast! We pride ourselves on offering the industries latest equiptment with our services.

Easy of Access

Windy is super easy to use, regardless of what device you are on. We will also auto generate your ShareX configuration file for ease of use! On top of that, we offer a web uploader which is blazing fast, and super simple to use!

Custom Domains

If you're feeling super nice, you can point a custom domain of your choice to Windy! Although we offer a wide variety of funny domains to host your media on, you can always use one for personal use or we can make it widely available for all Windy users.

Join our support server for more information!